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Kitchens Could Be The Biggest Financial Investment In Your Home.

In a recent UK magazine conducting a survey House Beautiful over half of the respondents cited the kitchen as the most area where investment and upgrades trended as a priority.  Over 40 % of that group were investing continuously with an average of £1000 each five years, and nearly 10 percent over £5000.

The majority of reasons for re investing were to achive the perfect kitchen and it was recognised as the most important room in the house.

In property values and re-sell, kitchens and their values have become major components in decision making for purchases for home buyers. In the desire to modify and achieve the perfect kitchen several trends are occurring across the UK with influence on both the new build and refurbishment market.

Top Design Trends For 2024

So far, while trends in materials have gone from upgrading worktops from laminate to quartz and granite, there appears to be a shift in the styles of kitchens that we see throughout Europe and at Kitchen Design Showroom.


  1. The industrial look.

One that looks like it is going to stay, and a style that embraces natural materials such as wood and stone but also features brick and original wall space where applicable. Other elements appear to be exposed painted pipes, rustic metals and old tools complimenting oversized handles, large defined corners and farmhouse style central units.

  1. Monochrome tones.

The move to simplistic paint themes has been happening for a while now and painted kitchens are as popular as ever.

Tavola Kitchen Design

Tavola Kitchen Design

A lot of painted kitchens this year are choosing monotones such as black, white, grey and go well with all styles of kitchen units from tiled to wood floors, again in variables such as rustic kitchens and modern looking penthouse apartment styles.

  1. Clutter free and modern technology.

Almost hand in hand is the desire to create new space, tidy away loose items with creative cabinet and walls pace and move towards cordless technology such as toasters, kettles and incorporate modern smart home systems such as music and multi media.

With us spending the majority of our upgrade investments in the kitchen it’s no surprise that we tend to be leaning towards it becoming the centre piece of the home. As a side line in investment the lounge came second with bedroom third and bathrooms in last place.

At Kitchen Design Showroom we use a combination of bespoke and structured materials and fittings to create beautiful kitchens in Northern Ireland.

Get in touch today for more information or come visit our showroom in Carrickfergus.

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